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Why english saddles are smaller than french saddles?

Are you attracted to horses? Would you like to have a long horse ride? Indeed, riding is a discipline that has always fascinated people. However, you have to be very careful and well equipped to avoid any kind of accident. Wearing saddles for example is mandatory for lovers of this activity.

Description of saddles and their uses

This is a leather or synthetic object that is placed on the back of a horse and on which the rider sits. It is equipped with a saddle pad which is placed under the saddle and which protects the saddle against the sweat of the horse. The utility of the saddle diverges according to its use like the cwd used saddles that you can use for the excursions but there are also mixed or standard saddles which are used for any discipline to know for horse races, jumps obstacles or a simple horse ride. The role of the saddle is to ensure that the rider can sit comfortably on the horse's back. It also dampens the jolts that can be caused by the rider on the horse's back.

Local and foreign stool

According to surveys that were conducted in riding centers, the French saddles are much wider than the English saddles. But why? The size of the stool diverges according to its use. We must also take into account the size of the horse. In France the size of a horse goes from 1M55 minimum to 1M80 maximum. In general the horses in France are large in sizes ranging from 1M60 to 1M70M whereas in England the horses are small sizes of 1M22 minimum and 1M70 maximum so the saddle must be corresponding to the body of the horse. In France most horses are used for races or for jumping obstacles which therefore requires a larger saddle which must be comfortable whereas in England most horses like Clevelend Bay horse and Pony are used. for walks so it does not require a wide saddle.

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