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What type of saddle to choose for the ride ?

The saddle is an indispensable accessory for the good practice of riding. Indeed, it is on it that the rider places himself in order to ride his mount. However, his choice is not random, it is a true science, even an art.

Choose your saddle according to your equestrian discipline

Before you go into buying a riding saddle, you need to know what type of sport you want to practice. Indeed, each type of equestrian discipline corresponds to a given type of saddle. The shape of the saddle, its size and the accessories that compose it are all elements that must be taken into account. It would be a shame to buy a saddle dressage while you want to practice show jumping or western riding.

Nevertheless, there are types of saddle that can be used for the practice of several equestrian sports. In this case, we talk about polyvalent or mixed saddles. They are available in leather or synthetic material from resellers like

How to choose your future riding saddle?

The choice of a riding saddle must be done in strict compliance with art. After having determined the type of sport you want to practice, in other words the type of saddle, you only need to go to a saddler or a salesman to find the one that best fits your horse. Indeed, a good saddle must be perfectly adapted to the back of the horse.

Moreover, the same saddle must also be comfortable for the rider. This is why it is recommended to test it over a certain period before buying it. This allows you to check if the saddle does not disturb the horse, especially at the withers, or if it does not warm your crotch during prolonged training.

Finally, most professionals recommend not to choose a saddle too fair. It must be a little bigger to facilitate your movements as well as those of the horse.

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