Horse back riding
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The top adapted stools for horse training

This is the story of a small accessory that we quickly became absolutely indispensable: the stool for riding on horseback! Why not equip your horses with antares saddles and get involved in a pre-training session? It is an essential accessory for the duo big horse-small rider who wants to spare the back of his mount!

The lesson of the mount

The lesson of the mount is practiced with the assistance of an assistant equipped with a maid and who, placed in front of the horse held close to the loin, opposes its movements. The purpose of the lesson is attained if the horse remains motionless when the rider climbs into the saddle and steps on a stool. This will require that the animal has been previously relaxed.

After stroking the head, neck and hips, the rider pushes the caliper several times, knocks on the saddle, then gets into the saddle without hesitation or downtime, taking care, however, not to touch the saddle. horse with his left foot, nor the croup with the right leg that passes half-stretched and the high heel; to sit in one's saddle as flexibly as possible; to have reins of bridle or net little tension. He straps the right stirrup with the help of his right hand, remaining rigidly immobile if he has managed to remain in the saddle, while the help reassures the horse by rewarding him with carrots or a handful of oats.

Folding foot stool

Practical and compact, this folding step will serve you as well as a stool or step stool for the mowing and mowing or to access the inaccessible height. Easy to carry thanks to its integrated handle, it slips easily behind a cupboard, or in your locker. It is equipped with inserts and non-slip rubber feet.

Thus, the mount is an essential step before any riding practice. So, it is recommended to use a stool to facilitate agility and climbing.

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