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The best saddles for horse training

You have to maintain horse well with the best equipment if you want a great horse in his good health. This is not a drama to choose the famous mark of saddles and to have the great equipment. You have just to collaborate with the specialist that show you the best stickers.

The saddles for the first ride

You need to know that every step that you made with your horse is a challenge. That’s why you really have to ensure that it is the best way to not hurting your horse. The “bardette” is intended for the initiation of young children who practice pony riding. They are ideal for beginners riding too because they have a large and comfortable seat and a handle to reassure the young riders and ensure the fixity of their hands.

The saddles for any activities

A polyvalent saddle is appropriate for all types of riding. Accordingly, his seat is on semi-hollow and wide enough that makes it pleasant for walks on flat ground, and its slightly inclined allows to face every obstacle. It is ideal for the club practice. Everyone advice you to choose a french used saddles because their marks are on the top level.

The jumping saddles

The fender of these saddles is in the front position, which allows the rider to shorten his stirrups without hanging his knees into the fender. The cleats are visible in front and near the fender to keep the leg fixed when we are crossing the obstacles. The seat is usually flat or semi-hollow to make all movement as easy as it is.

The saddles for training

In training, the rider climbs with the leg almost vertical and the stirrups is very long. The saddles for training is adapted, with very long quarters to allow a good ancestry of the leg. The strap is "low" to have the better contact between the rider and his horse. The seat is hollow and deep for a stable and comfortable position.

The saddles for your hiking

The exterior saddles favors the comfort of the horse and rider because it will be used for a long period. The seat is wide and relaxed with the padding allows a good distribution of the weight of the rider and on the horse's back. It is also equipped with rings that can easily attach saddlebags.

Don’t forget that there is a leather saddles and synthetic saddles, but your choice depends on your budget also.

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