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Our opinion on saddles

Going in search of a good riding saddle for your horse is not always an easy thing to do. In addition to knowing how to recognize the quality of the first shot, you must also know the right marks. There are many, and customers often get lost in the enormous collections of saddle markings that saddlers offer on the shelves of their stores. However, the Antares saddle has become a precious place on the top of the best saddle brands ever sold on the market. So what built this reputation?

Collections suitable for all types of riders

Thanks to these ranges of riding equipment, Antares has long dominated the world of horse saddles. Its accessories are of very good qualities, robust and comfortable. An antares saddles is the best saddle to use if you want to be safe on his horse, but especially to improve the performance of his stallion. Three categories of riding saddles are offered by the Antares saddlery. They perfectly meet the needs of novice riders or the most demanding riders. The specificity of Antares saddles is that they are all unique models created according to the customer's personal requirements. Moreover, there are also standard collections that are exhibited in their workshops. You can tell you that we were never disappointed by Antares. This brand has been married to our horses for several years.

Beautiful races with ready-to-wear Antares

Antares has seduced us thanks to its tailor-made services. If you like luxury, Antares is for you. All riders will surely find the saddle that suits them at this professional saddler. If you can not find the right saddle on its shelves, do not panic! Offer tailor-made or ready-to-assemble. You will feel better, safer and safer with this saddle model created specifically for you. We were lucky enough to test them and we can assure you that we have never done such a good horse race. Original and robust, we owe our success to these ready-to-assemble stools. You too, trust Antares saddles! You can find used saddles for sale at Equitack

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