Horse back riding
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One of the most popular stools around

It is difficult for a person who discovers the stool to choose it. Flat, hollow, semi flat, semi hollow, monoquartier or not, new or used, what size, what budget. A saddle must not interfere with a natural situation. In other words, it is normal to observe as many models and brands of different saddles on the market corresponding to as many different morphotypes ...

The best brands

The brands that you will find in the online shop have been carefully selected by the purchasing managers of the site who are constantly present in the world of horse riding and the most important fairs and events to guarantee you since always the excellent quality of products sold on the site. To the question: Will I ride better if my saddle is very expensive. The answer is no. First you need the saddle suits you and that whatever your budget, that's why the site is for you, you will find the biggest brands like cwd, cso, prestige, antares and at unbeatable prices.

Used Cwd

CWD. For the regulars of high-level horse shows, these initials are worth gold. This commercial brand, which has won several medals at the Olympic Games and at the World Jumping Championships. The good news is that CWD used saddles are not lacking on the site. The CDW saddle is probably the best-selling riding saddle, the CDW being still the most popular equestrian discipline. So maybe the good idea is to buy your used CDW saddle, to access the big brands without completely emptying your wallet, even if, anyway, buying a saddle is never an innocuous expense. That's it, you know what to expect if you're looking for a used CDW saddle. It is rather reassuring to say that the brands most present in opportunity are all excellent brands. But do not forget (I know, I ramble) that the choice of a saddle is done primarily according to the horse and its morphology. Think about it, even if you get help from a saddle-fitter ...

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