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Ever since you have been riding, you have probably already found yourself in a bad position with your horse. Probably you have already faced situations that you consider no issues with your racing partner. Think that it is the reverses of the traditional equitation that often proposes techniques of training related to the constraint and the conditioned reflexes. With our site, you can now have a healthier relationship with your riding companion. We welcome you on our special horse page.

Internships and trainings

Natural horseback riding suggests learning a peaceful relationship, inscribed in gentleness and patience with his horse. In this site, we offer you training courses on soft riding. To establish an open relationship, with more sensitivity between you and your horse, come and learn with our experts the relations of man-animal sport partnership. The objective of this course is to harmonize the bonds of recognition and friendship between the rider and the horse. By leaving our training, you will be more comfortable to train your mount. We use modern methods, less ethological than traditional training. Our horses maintain a trusting relationship with humans since we regularly meet them from a young age.

Our offers

Our rider-coach company offers riding enthusiasts several training modules for beginners or advanced. For those interested, they can directly access the offers by browsing the directories page. The training experts will give modular training of 3 days. Participants are divided into groups of 10 people. Every day, you are taught with interesting and varied themes. Day 1 will be reserved for work on foot. On day 2, you will train with the senses and the perceptions of the horse and finally for day 3, you will have the chance to make an educational hike with your horse. Registration is done directly online on this page. You can also communicate by correspondence with our team. At the end of the training, you will be given a certificate which will attest that you have the necessary experience to establish a harmonious relationship with the horses. A good way for you to perfect your practices.

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